The Robotic Workforce

The Robotic Workforce

Every business should have ‘The Robotic Workforce’. A group of software robots that ensures your business operations remain as efficient as possible. Robotic Process Automation technology ensures that your army of robots is able to interact and automate any application whilst maximising your ROI. If you would like to know more, please get in touch


Create The Robotic Workforce

The first step in your journey is to analyse your operations and create a strategy to be applied in order to maximise the potential of your investment. We can help you to address and manage this stage which is crucial before you onboard robots to your team.


Add to The Robotic Workforce

This is usually where most of the focus goes, developing robots that can understand the work your team does and ensure that they have been built using the best practices to ensure maximum utilisation. This requires high level of skill and years of experience, it’s easy to build a robot, but to build a robot that is robust and can replace a human, that’s our Art!

Maintain The Robotic Workforce

This is where most businesses struggle, we know the challenges and can ensure that this is part of the plan before reaching this stage to ensure a smooth continuous operation.



I greatly enjoyed working with Azim. He consistently demonstrated RPA expertise with an ability to find automation solutions for the most challenging processes and applications. He had an unflappable style and aptitude to break through barriers be they technical or change adoption in nature to deliver results. He successfully led scrum teams to automate 2 complex processes delivering significant business value whilst demonstrating thought leadership to develop and share best practice approaches to enhance the ways of working of the wider automation community. Azim was a strong coach, enhancing the capability of RPA developers thanks to his ability to impart his expertise. I would very much welcome the opportunity to work with Azim again. ― Fraser Milne, Intelligent Automation Delivery Lead
Azim is an exceptionally talented and knowledgable RPA developer. I had the pleasure of having Azim as my Blue Prism coach/tutor on my path to becoming a certified developer. Azim is exceptionally knowledgable about Blue Prism as well as the other two big vendors. He consistently took the time to answer my questions and go above and beyond. Azim offered advice that went way outside of the curriculum to ensure that I could kick on as a developer as soon as the course finished. Knowledge and expertise aside, Azim is a great coach and has an exceptional ability to impart his wisdom on to others. As an RPA developer and a coach, I cannot recommend Azim enough. ― Oli Morris, Specialist RPA Consultant




Years and counting






RPA applications: Blue Prism, Thoughtonomy, UiPath


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